Melbourne Cup

I’ve heard some irresponsible broadcasting, but this morning’s rubbish during Channel Seven’s telecast of the Melbounre Cup was the worst.

Commentators, including Bruce McAvaney, were encouraging children to bet on the Cup.

Thanks, Bruce and Co., for helping to contribute to one of the country’s most insidious addictions.

I’m all for a punt on the big day. But encouraging children? They even had the hide to interview two seven-year-olds about their tips.



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2 responses to “Melbourne Cup

  1. Joanna Giles

    I agree. This is a fun adult sport, thus the legal gambling age. That wasnt decided for nothing.

    Let children be children. They need not worry about the fun/burdon of money for a while yet.

    Even the fun of the Melbourne Cup Day needs to be explained responsibly. Children rely on us adults to lead them in the right way and to be the adults for them. Gambling is not the right way!

    Cheers Jo

  2. I agree. Children need to be children and they rely on adults to be just that and make the right decisions for them and lead them in the right way.

    Gambling has a legislated age for a reason. This was a decision made based on educated reasoning.

    Let kids be kids, they dont need to know about this sort of thing for a long time yet. And if it is explained then lets explain it responsibly and that is is an adult sport, not for children.

    Cheers JO

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