Quirky climate

After a somewhat slow start to summer, the first of the blustery morning easterlies hit us around 1am today.In Perth you know it’s going to be a hot day when the easterly hits. It’s a bitterly-cold wind that bites hard. I saw one woman this morning at 8am wearing an overcoat on her way to work.  By the time she comes home this afternnon it will be 32 degrees. Crazy.The only thing to bring relief from the heat is our other wind, the Fremantle Doctor, which howls in between 20-30 knots from the south-west, usually around midday or soon thereafter.  And so the cycle will be repeated almost daily until mid-February, or thereabouts.  Apart form our isolation, Perth summers are one of the reasons we’ll never be a tourist mecca, despite the hopes of tourist organisations.At least the heat and the blustery winds mean I can always get a parking spot at the beach. 


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