Fed up with Aussie Rules (Football)

I’ve lived in Perth for 18 years, but I’ve finally reached the end of my tether with the local (parochicial) media’s obsession with Aussie Rules (Football). Whatever.

The obsession with this game here (and of course, Melbourne) borders on fanatical. And I’ve always been wary of fanatics.

Why do the bloody Dockers and Eagles have to be the lead item on TV every friggin’ night? They’ve hardly won any games between them, so whay would they warrant coverage, let alone saturation coverage?

Cripes, the Olympics are eight weeks away, so wouldn’t you think there’d be some relevant Games-related stories in the wide world of sports to talk about? They’ve got 31 sports to choose from, after all.

Before you Rules fans jump off the deep end, let me tell you I was a daily newspaper journalist (mostly sport) for 17 years. I’ve got a Masters and a PhD in communications. I come from a credible perspective.

No. Enough’s enough. I just switch off. I’m even thinking of relocating to Brisbane, where I once worked. At least in Queensland they have a balanced coverage of rugby league, union soccer and Aussie Football. 


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