ANZAC Day ambushed

I previously wrote about my objection to the Raise A Glass promotion. I would like to add some other points.

It appears ANZAC Day is increasingly being used by various organisations to promote their product via association (I refer in the main the AFL).

I noted on TV last night that boxer Danny Green prior to his fight last night, was selling a T-shirt with the words “Lest we forget” on it. (Yes, I’ll be contacting his management).

While it may assist to raise awareness of ANZAC Day, it does so in the wrong way. These activities water-down the significance of the day and cheapen the sacrifices made (and continue to be made) by Service personnel.

Here in WA, the government chooses to award an extra day’s holiday. Pathetic. The day is being promoted on TV as a day to “spend till you drop”.

ANZAC Day should be commemorated on the day. The university students I teach have little comprehension of what it’s about. To them it’s just a sleep-in and another day free from lectures. This is also manifested in the ugly scenes in Sydney this year.

Any form of commercial activity associated with ANZAC Day should be condemned. The RSL should do more to protect its brand under the ANZAC Day Act 1995. If necessary, steps should be taken to expand the legislation to incorporate associated phrases and imagery.

While great steps have been made in the past 10 or so years in promoting the ideals of ANZAC Day, there is a growing commercial awareness of the mileage that can be gained by riding on ANZAC imagery. It’s ambush marketing. And Diggers should not be ambushed.


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