Huey would not be impressed by wetsuits

Swimming isn’t the only sport affected by the current wetsuit debacle.

It’s cousin, surf life saving, ridiculously allows competitors to wear wetsuits.

At the recent Australian titles in Perth, even some Masters competitors were wearing the expensive buoyancy devices.

Seeing as though the purpose of surf life saving competition is to practice for rescues, I find it hard to believe a lifesaver would waste what could be up to 20 minutes donning a high-tech wetsuit so he or she could rescue someone from drowning.

And at the end of the day, the wearing of wetsuits goes against the spirit of competition, and that “man-against-the-elements” ethos of surf life saving.

Interesting to note the winner of the over-50 surf race at the national titles wore one of these suits, despite pre-race consternation shown by some competitors. Afterwards several competitors made their feelings known.

The next day that same competitor did not wear a wetsuit and his performances were not of the same standard. Proof enough (again) that these suits should be banned immediately.

Huey, the god of surf, would not be impressed.


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