Wallabies lacking passion

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Spiro Zavos recently wrote the Wallabies lacked fitness, explaining their current (But typical) lack of form.

While that’s partially true, I believe it’s more about a lack of passion.

It’s not that the players don;t have the desire to win, it’s more that they don’t have the same level (or type) of desire that fires the All Black and Springboks.

Both these teams comes form countries where Rugby Union is the national sport. Having lived in both these nations, it breeds a different type of players to the Wallaby.

Almost every kid wants to become an All Black or Springbok. Not here. We can become Kangaroos, Socceroos or Hockeyroos (damn roos are all over the place). It’s hard to become an AFL-aroo, as they only play Ireland. But you get the picture?

Secondly, all of Australia isn’t behind the Wallabies when they play. I reckon in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, there’s more cars on the streets when the Wallabies play than when there’s an AFL match.

So while the Wallabies fans write off yet another season, bear in mind that wins against NZ and SA are part of the lifecycle that is the Wallabies.

Just what it is that once again sparks the Wallabies is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it’s just getting the right chemistry of players (more Rocky Elsoms, please) or maybe it’s just that missing ingredient … passion.


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  1. Mike

    I agree wholeheartedly!!

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