Channel 7 contemptible

I don’t know what Channel 7 does in the eastern states, but here in Western Australia they treat rugby union viewers (and I suspect many other sports-watchers) with contempt.

First, they telecast the Wallabies matches against NZ and South Africa at midnight. Second, they don’t replay the game on a Sunday, when there’s more chance people will watch the game.

Telecasting a rugby match at midnight means most people will record it, watch it later and skip through the ads, so the advertisers are wasting their money.

Why couldn’t they schedule it, say for 7am? Take today’s TV program. There’s some movie called Ghost Dad on at 3.30pm. It got one star in the TV guide. Why couldn’t Seven replay it then?

I’m not sure what universe TV programers (particularly those in WA) live in, but it sure as hell isn’t a real one. The logic defies me.

Channel 7 do not deserve the rugby union. Kerry Stokes obviously isn’t a rugby fan.


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