On the road to oblivion

The just handed-down Australian federal budget has done little to inspire confidence in our nation’s leadership. It was an insipid document, showing little care for the things that matter – the environment, the underprivileged.

The Rudd government has shown scant regard for it promises made at the last election: notably that the environment was “the greatest moral challenge of our generation”.

It’s inepitiude has been shown in the failure of the insulation scheme, and the building of infrastructure for schools, where rip-offs were rife. The mantra seems t be throw some money at it and she’ll be right.

Give Olympic hopefuls $300 million, and budding scientists nothing. Anyway, what good is money two years out from the Games? It’s too short a timeframe to develop successful elite sports programs. But I digress.

The government simply panders to the (perceived) populist whims of the electorate and the business lobby, without consideration of anything of the effects, other than the next election result. Rudd simply operates by what glib media grab he can produce. He’s been doing it ever since he won the last election.

We are wasting our resources at an alarming rate, while business calls out for more development. This is simply greed; for how much more profit do corporations want to wring out of the earth? Sustainable development? What’s that?

Logging is an example. Our forests disappear, and along with it an ever-increasing number of animal species. Our pollution rate climbs as we contribute more to global warming by supplying coal to power China.

There is technology in place that allows electricity to be generated by waves. One platform I saw demonstrated last week can supply enough power for 2000 homes.

Why do we have to continue to use technology from the steam age? Answer: it’s easy money for the coal and oil industries. Why do we have to be bigger? Answer: So these companies can be richer. Arguments about greater prosperity for the country don’t wash. Much of the profit goes overseas.

If we are to believe the government, we live in a country awash with wealth. If that’s the case, why don’t we have free tertiary education for all, as we used to?

In short, I’m concerned we are moving to a situation where there will be precious little left for future generations.

I believe many Australians are thinking this way, and will vote for neither Liberal or Labor, instead perhaps creating a situation as has just occurred in Britain. In our case, we may see Bob Brown (Greens) as the Nick Clegg of Australian politics.


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