Rudd on the downslide

Looks like Kevin Rudd and Co. are in for a hard time at this year’s election. People are starting to wake up that the bespectacled bureaucrat is short on substance.

Like many, I was prepared (to a point) to give Labor a go (I voted Green in the Senate). But they’ve let me down big time, with little action on key core promises.

The budget was the last straw. Fancy giving $300 million to our elite athletes and no ongoing funding for a $1m program to foster scientific research among young scientists.

Meantime, out nation continues to degrade environmentally. The economy won’t matter a jot in a few years, when all our natural resources have disappeared.

As the American Indians (not sure which tribe) said: “it’s only when the last tree has disappeared that man will realise he can’t eat money” (or words to that effect).


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