World Cup disappointing

The World Cup opening ceremony was one of the worst events of its type I have seen. I’m not sure if it was SBS’s coverage, or just the fact the South Africans have got no idea.

As someone who has lived in South Africa and is married to a former Yarpie, I feel I’m qualified to comment.

The event was devoid of any real feeling. Sure, there was loud banging of drums and colour. But incorporating rap?

Where were the animals? There are plenty of them in the veld. Distinct lack of splendour. And where were the soaring African choirs to provide the emotion?

As for the blithering idiots on SBS, who claim the country is doing well, based on one walk down a SA street, and about how much good this will do for the country.

Sports commentators would do well to stay out of in-depth social commentary. They do lead sheltered lives, dealing with the “unreal” environment that is professional sport.

I am sure, however, that the sport will be good, and I’m looking forward to the Socceroos showing the Europeans and South Americans a thing or two. America has already done so.


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