Apple iTunes Store a joke

How to get fucked around by Apple. Search for an album, which (as I discovered) is not available on the Australian site. So I get taken to the US site. But I can’t buy there, because it keeps rejecting my ID. SO I then go back to the Aussie store and now it rejects my details. Fuck it. So I have to go through all the bullshit of lost password. But that doesn’t seems to work because the process throws up a spinning wheel on the Internet. So I take the route to reset my password, choosing the option via email. But no email arrives. So back to the Internet. Try again. Still no email. What gives, Apple? Maybe I’ll be able to purchase again. But get this. Tunes on the US site are 99 cents, while in Australia they are (min) $1.69. What happened to friggin’ parity in pricing, considering the dollars are almost equal?



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