Concert crowds need a lesson in manners

First up, let me say, I drink alcohol (beer and wine).

Two concerts in three days. Bon Jovi, then the Eagles last night.  Both were great (Eagles superb).

But the events were partially ruined by many of the audience who, it seems, can’t get by without a drink.

WTF? Are people that feeble you can’t watch a concert without alcohol? Obviously.

There was a constant stream of people getting up and down to get booze. This ruins the experience for the majority. What’s worrying is that this is symptomatic of a society that uses alcohol as a crutch for enjoyment.

Added to that was the constant hum of talk in the background. This was particularly so during the Eagles. (At Bon Jovi it didn’t matter because they were so loud). Do people come to listen, or chat to their friends? An expensive chat.

This is another symptom of the “me society”. These people don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.  In another age not so long ago, it would be called bad manners.

These trends are reflected/manifested elsewhere in things like binge drinking, road rage, intolerance, impatience and ignorance.

Anyone got any answers? Me? Maybe I’ll just get the DVD next time.


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