Tea, anyone?

We all know Australia is a nation (predominantly) of coffee drinkers. But it wasn’t always so.

In the many years after we were colonised by the British, we drank tea. That changed when migrants from Meditteranean nationas (mostly Greece and Italy) started arriving in the 1950s.

It took us a while (30 years of so, according to demographer Bernard Salt) to adapt to their cultute, customs and food. But now look at us. We’re as at home with a paella as we are with a meat pie, and, of course, coffee.

This is an analogy of our changing demographics. Salt says Italian and Greek communities in Australia are declining, with Indian and Asian communities growing rapidly.

In another 30 years we probably will have assimilated their customs and habits.

Will this also mean that we once again become a nation of tea-drinkers? Should be interesting.


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