Relishing the rugby

Finally we can start (hopefully) to begin enjoying rugby union again.

The prospect of this weekend’s Australia v NZ game is one of the most anticipated I can recall for a long time. I’m hoping the “new boy”, Radike Samo, proves the decider for the Wallabies.

It’s a great story, isn’t it? His age and the fact he hasn’t played a Test for seven years.

Then, we have the World Cup. My “backup” team is Samoa, and I hope Japan and Canada go well.

Bring it on.

PS: Interesting I last wrote about James O’Connor being a spoilt brat back in June. Events of the past two weeks have proved that assessment correct.



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2 responses to “Relishing the rugby

  1. Radike Samo definitely is a great story. He might not have played a Test for seven years but he’s got enough experience. Sure he’ll do good.

    Speaking of World Cup, I was so annoyed at Italy last year.

  2. Nice post,
    I love Japan and Canada too. 🙂

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