Bogans and their vicious pets

Funny how dogs reflect their owners’ personalities.

Bad dogs = bad owners.

Case in point. Staffy/bull terrier-like dogs, who have a reputation for being aggressive.

This type of dog attacked my little Silky x Maltese two days ago, leaving it with a bloodied nose and some undoubted psychological scars.

The point was the owner of this monger had the temerity to have a go at me because my dog wasn’t on a lead. Funny that, neither was his (and another dog in the same property) when they rushed across the road to attack.

But the two guys (presumably the owners) were both boofheads. Tattoos, lousy speech and with a couldn’t-give-a-shit attitude.

There was no point in arguing. I had a little girl to chase after, as she was quick enough to escape without too much damage (though there was a $230 vet bill).

I contacted the City ranger and I hope he finds the dogs were’t registered and fines them. At least they’ll get the message … or will they.

With the attitudes they had, I doubt it. Tthis is really symptomatic of many people today. People don’t care much for anyone else and don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

Ruins Christmas, really.


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