Women on the front line

News Limited media are running story on women on the front line. Every few years we get this subject surfacing. Who knows who’s pushing it.

Let me tell you the facts and a story.

Women can not handle “real” frontline work. Physically they simply can not lift the loads required. Well, a couple might.

In East Timor, 2001 (when I was the Army’s PR Officer there), A Current Affair wanted to do a story on how women should be on the “front line”. The female reporter was pro the issue. However, I said she could only do the story if she could lift a standard pack and carry it up the stairs to the helicopter lading pad. She couldn’t get it off the ground, let alone on her back and up the stairs.

“I see what you mean,” she said.

She ended up doing a story on a female captain who managed all logistics for the operation – a pretty damn hard job in its own right.

Anyway, girls, if you want to do it, knock yourselves out. There are also a range of other issues associated with this, including being raped by the enemy and a male soldier’s propensity to show more “care” for a wounded female, which may lead to jeopardising a mission.


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