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Democracy being dealt a deadly blow

We have in Austrailia at the moment a stoush between the nation’s two most senior law officers – the elected Attorney General and the Public Sector’s Solicitor General.

7934748-3x2-340x227George #Brandis, the AG (pictured left), has been accused by John Gleeson, the SG, of bypassing his office in seeking on crucial pieces of legislation.

Even worse, Gleeson says Brandis misled parliament by saying the AG’s office had consulted Gleeson.

They appeared before a Senate Committee last week. That didn’t solve much.

The point is that if what Glesson alleges is true (and I seem to believe him more than Brandis, a politician) it has the potential to undermine our system of government and, the Public Service.

It goes right to the heart of what the Public Servce is about (to provide frank and impartial advice on legislation).

What’s particulatly worrying is that this fight invvolves the nation’s two highest law officers. Not a good look.

As Gabrielle Appleby, Associate Professor, UNSW Law School, UNSW Australia, said: “It is a situation with potentially serious repercussions for government under the rule of law.”


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