Are Aussies wimps?

Two articles ion ths morning’s media got me thinking how soft we are becoming.

The first is a piece from Max Allen in The Australian on wine and how we’re not into the big, bold reds we once consumed in the 1990s. These days it’s “pinots and syrahs” (that’s French for Shiraz).

The wines lack “balls”.

In much like the way kids use to play outside and be adventuresome, the second article, from The Daily Telegraph, touches on this theme. It claims the increasing use of the internet has turned us into a “nation of nerds”.

We’ve got more leisure time, but we’re not outside. No. We’re watching YouTube, or tweeting on posting to Facebook.

I don’t see that many kids playing at the park any more.

Come on people, get off the web and get a (Aussie) life.


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Colin Barnett pork barrelling

It’s blatantly obvious there’s an election in WA. Premier Colin Barnett has already resurrected the TV ads that tell everyone what a marvellous job the government is doing. Now he surpassed that by announcing a $300,000 shark tower for Cottesloe Beach, which just happens to be in his electorate. What about the other beaches in Perth?


Premier’s electorate to get shark tower – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Gillard pathetic

Not much really needs to be said about the Prime Minister’s lack of interest in the Tasmanian bushfires. She wasn’t there. Period. Apparently being at the cricket was more important. Her excuse? She didn’t want to get in the way of emergency services crews. Sorry, PM, that doesn’t wash. Just another piss-poor performance.

Govt to support bushfire communities: PM | Herald Sun: “”


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More lousy journalism

An example of how the WA media is so parochial and pathetic. This story is more than a week old. The PerthNow web site (and the Sunday Times newspaper – front page) decide to give it the usual parochial treatment of “Perth”. Trouble is what about the rest of the teenagers in WA? Don’t they like sending rude pictures to their friends, too? Apart from that, it’s a piss-poor story.

Teenagers embrace new secret sexting craze on smartphones | Perth Now: “”


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Call me cynical

The WA Premier yesterday announced he would introduce a Minister for Veterans – a laudable move.

However, I suspect he has the election in mind by doing so. Veterans are a fairly sizeable group in society and have effective organisations behind them (RSL and young vets groups). Their voting patterns are likely to be Labor and LIberal. 

What better way to won them all over by having a Veterans Minister? It shows the government cares.

Needless to say, Opposition Leader Mark McGowan says he’ll do the same, should Labor be elected.

I’d hope Barnett could make a start by offering Veterans free transport, as they do in NSW. 

I’ve written to Transport, the Minister and my coal Member about this, with no luck.

Surely in a State supposedly as wealthy as WA, the government can see its way clear to provide this small benefit to Vets? Why wait until the election? SHow some interest.

However, I’m not so sure why the government has waited so long. And I’m sceptical about its motives. Wouldn’t be the first time they pork-barrelled.

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Aussies in Afghanistan

So there’s our soldiers, fighting in Afghanistan, seeing their mates being killed by whoever. Then the Department of Defence launches an inquiry into alleged inappropriate treatment of prisoners, but not because they were tortured but because there was, to quote the Chief of the Defence Force: “possible use of unauthorised questioning techniques … limited to inappropriate language”. Say what? Aussie solders swore at people who were trying to kill them. Who would have thought? The charge was brought by an ADF member: probably some base-camp clerk who’s never been “beyond the wire”. I wonder how the Taliban or Al-Qaeda would treat an Australian if captured?

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ANZAC Day football

There are those who believe there should be sport on ANZAC Day and those who don’t. Good arguments on both sides. Yes, there should be, because that’s what those guys fought for (freedom). No, because football just makes the day all part of another holiday.

I’m in the second camp. My logic also extends to football on Good Friday. These are two days should be used for reflection: something most of us don’t do much of these days.

Why do we need sport every damn day of the year?

Call me cynical, but it really comes down to dollars. Sure, the football codes talk about reverence (and they do the pomp and ceremony well) but the bottom line is it’s a marketing opportunity.

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Women on the front line

News Limited media are running story on women on the front line. Every few years we get this subject surfacing. Who knows who’s pushing it.

Let me tell you the facts and a story.

Women can not handle “real” frontline work. Physically they simply can not lift the loads required. Well, a couple might.

In East Timor, 2001 (when I was the Army’s PR Officer there), A Current Affair wanted to do a story on how women should be on the “front line”. The female reporter was pro the issue. However, I said she could only do the story if she could lift a standard pack and carry it up the stairs to the helicopter lading pad. She couldn’t get it off the ground, let alone on her back and up the stairs.

“I see what you mean,” she said.

She ended up doing a story on a female captain who managed all logistics for the operation – a pretty damn hard job in its own right.

Anyway, girls, if you want to do it, knock yourselves out. There are also a range of other issues associated with this, including being raped by the enemy and a male soldier’s propensity to show more “care” for a wounded female, which may lead to jeopardising a mission.

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Bogans and their vicious pets

Funny how dogs reflect their owners’ personalities.

Bad dogs = bad owners.

Case in point. Staffy/bull terrier-like dogs, who have a reputation for being aggressive.

This type of dog attacked my little Silky x Maltese two days ago, leaving it with a bloodied nose and some undoubted psychological scars.

The point was the owner of this monger had the temerity to have a go at me because my dog wasn’t on a lead. Funny that, neither was his (and another dog in the same property) when they rushed across the road to attack.

But the two guys (presumably the owners) were both boofheads. Tattoos, lousy speech and with a couldn’t-give-a-shit attitude.

There was no point in arguing. I had a little girl to chase after, as she was quick enough to escape without too much damage (though there was a $230 vet bill).

I contacted the City ranger and I hope he finds the dogs were’t registered and fines them. At least they’ll get the message … or will they.

With the attitudes they had, I doubt it. Tthis is really symptomatic of many people today. People don’t care much for anyone else and don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

Ruins Christmas, really.

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Relishing the rugby

Finally we can start (hopefully) to begin enjoying rugby union again.

The prospect of this weekend’s Australia v NZ game is one of the most anticipated I can recall for a long time. I’m hoping the “new boy”, Radike Samo, proves the decider for the Wallabies.

It’s a great story, isn’t it? His age and the fact he hasn’t played a Test for seven years.

Then, we have the World Cup. My “backup” team is Samoa, and I hope Japan and Canada go well.

Bring it on.

PS: Interesting I last wrote about James O’Connor being a spoilt brat back in June. Events of the past two weeks have proved that assessment correct.


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