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Barnett splashes cash to staff – The West Australian

Now here’s some real bullshit. Barnett splashes cash to staff – The West Australian

Just as WA Premier Colin Barnett announces austerity measures across the public service, right down to stationery, he give political staffers (advisors) hefty pay rises.

In one instance, chief media advisor Dix Marshall jumps $84,00 to $245,000.

As far as I’m aware, all she does is swear at people.

All so hypercritical from someone who really is seen as ‘the emperor”.

Oh yes, what was Dixie’s advice on the media storm that ensued? “Say nothing”. Brilliant advice for $245,000.


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Call me cynical

The WA Premier yesterday announced he would introduce a Minister for Veterans – a laudable move.

However, I suspect he has the election in mind by doing so. Veterans are a fairly sizeable group in society and have effective organisations behind them (RSL and young vets groups). Their voting patterns are likely to be Labor and LIberal. 

What better way to won them all over by having a Veterans Minister? It shows the government cares.

Needless to say, Opposition Leader Mark McGowan says he’ll do the same, should Labor be elected.

I’d hope Barnett could make a start by offering Veterans free transport, as they do in NSW. 

I’ve written to Transport, the Minister and my coal Member about this, with no luck.

Surely in a State supposedly as wealthy as WA, the government can see its way clear to provide this small benefit to Vets? Why wait until the election? SHow some interest.

However, I’m not so sure why the government has waited so long. And I’m sceptical about its motives. Wouldn’t be the first time they pork-barrelled.

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