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Election brochures so sanitised

Strange. We don’t have a local MP, as our sitting MP John Kobelke (a great member) is retiring. Naturally he’s backed the Labour candidate, Janet Pettigrew, whose election guff arrived this week.

Her brochure is such a predictable piece of propaganda that it makes me think twice about voting for her. There’s nothing about who she actually is; just a lot of words about how many committees she’s been on.

Every photo is the same – Janet with a local resident who’s associated with some issue she’s been involved in. All a big yawn, really. 

I’m assuming all electorate material is the same. Really, what I want is to know the person. After all, it’s a week to voting and this is the first time I’ve been introduced to the candidate. 


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Rudd on the downslide

Looks like Kevin Rudd and Co. are in for a hard time at this year’s election. People are starting to wake up that the bespectacled bureaucrat is short on substance.

Like many, I was prepared (to a point) to give Labor a go (I voted Green in the Senate). But they’ve let me down big time, with little action on key core promises.

The budget was the last straw. Fancy giving $300 million to our elite athletes and no ongoing funding for a $1m program to foster scientific research among young scientists.

Meantime, out nation continues to degrade environmentally. The economy won’t matter a jot in a few years, when all our natural resources have disappeared.

As the American Indians (not sure which tribe) said: “it’s only when the last tree has disappeared that man will realise he can’t eat money” (or words to that effect).

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Laboring to be a local

The local Labor Party candidate for Stirling, Peter Tinley, does not live in the electorate. He says he will move there, however, if he wins.

For me, this is hardly a ringing endorsement of his commitment to the people he wants to represent. It’s like having two bob each way. If he loses, he can safely retreat to his own area and once again blend into the background.

Peter Tinley is a good bloke. I did some media work with him at the Special Air Services Regiment.

But, Peter, you’ve got to get a bit more fair dinkum in your approach. You may have grown up in the area, but producing glossy brochures with pictures of youreself re-visiting your old primary school and chatting with former neighbours doesn’t a local make.


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