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Kick in the arse for Abbott

Yep, 61-39 is a close vote in anyone’s maths. For Prime Minister Abbott it signals the backbenchers should not be ignored. Abbott can start by ceasing to listen to his advisers, notably chief of staff Credlin.


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Barnett splashes cash to staff – The West Australian

Now here’s some real bullshit. Barnett splashes cash to staff – The West Australian

Just as WA Premier Colin Barnett announces austerity measures across the public service, right down to stationery, he give political staffers (advisors) hefty pay rises.

In one instance, chief media advisor Dix Marshall jumps $84,00 to $245,000.

As far as I’m aware, all she does is swear at people.

All so hypercritical from someone who really is seen as ‘the emperor”.

Oh yes, what was Dixie’s advice on the media storm that ensued? “Say nothing”. Brilliant advice for $245,000.

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Hard to say I’m sorry

To quote the song by Chicago (headline). It’s still all too hard for the Liberals to say sorry to the Stolen Generation (in fact, all aborigines). You’d think the Libs would have learned a lesson or ten following their defeat at the polls last Saturday. No, sir. Newly-elected leader Brendon Nelson said he will co-operate with Labor on things he believes are in the interest of the nation, but oppose those that aren’t.So in his first statement he says the Opposition will oppose any apology to the Aborigines. It’s not even worth continuing. Looks like the Libs have much to learn about the Australian people. More blog/s at The PR Lab 

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Social fabric being torn

Despite the good economic times in Australia, there’s a general feeling among many people of emptiness (not quite despair). I put it down to a lack of faith in government. Yes, the Howard government looks after the country (well, some of it) economically, but there’s more to it than that. There’s a continual flow of letters in all papers about the increasing plight of our hospitals and schools. Only this morning, in the Sydney Morning Herald, a former medical superintendent of Liverpool Hospital wrote: “The main reason that hospitals have become a joke is because of who is running them. Most hospitals are run by bean-counters and management gurus who have acquired a great degree of book knowledge from doing a course in hospital management. It also reflects on the terrible standard of teaching. Australian universities will reward you with a degree in anything from carpet cleaning to toilet flushing as long as you pay $20,000 a year for four years.”His letter was prompted by the non-treatement in a major Sydney hospital of a woman who was clearly having a miscarriage. We get the same stories here in WA. He also alluded to the education system, which is now user-pays. Only last week I wrote to the federal education Minister, Julie Bishop, about this problem. I am astounded that we let many people (and it’s mostly overseas students) study without proper English, let alone the ability to use a library and know what a refereed journal is. I teach at university. If students have the money, they can get in through the back door, via companies that give them either English, supposed advanced standing. Meantime, both the hospital and education sectors are crumbling gradually. They’re symbols of the economic rationalist model the federal Liberals have foisted upon us. It seems everything is about the economy, but nothing is about our social fabric. There is no price you can put on education or health, so why should these institutions be so driven by the dollar?    

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