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The great Aussie sellout

The Trans Pacific Partnership was signed in NZ today by our Trade Minister Andrew Robb (an apt name given what is predicted to happen).

Just one part of this means that international agricultural company Monsanto (they of genetically-modified crops) now is closer to controlling pretty much all world food production.

The laws associated with the agreement say companies do not have to declare if their ingredients are G-M. The negative effects of the TPP are well documented, yet is still got through.

The “Monsanto provision” included in the bill requires that U.S. negotiators fight for rules in trade agreements that eliminate so-called “barriers” to markets, such as the labelling of GMOs. Biotechnology companies consider that such information is unnecessary for the consumers and would have a deterrent effect on their profits. This may cut across countries’ sovreignty in that they will not be able to legislate against possibly harmful organisms.

Fortunately, it still has to be approved by Parliament. Meantime, here’s some info on “the dirtiest deal you’ve never heard of”.



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